This is a Rigorous Skill Acquisition/Empowerment Competency Training by the World Safety Organization, National Office For Nigeria.

Successful candidates will automatically be in the pool of our Affiliate Instructors; can subcontract and earn extra cash by training for our clients and or can also instruct independent classes using our materials and certifications.


With subcontracting, we do the marketing, scheduling & contracting with the client. Once we hire an Affiliated Instructor, we provide you all the materials you’ll need including class outlines and handouts, and when the class is completed, we prepare and mail the certification certificates and transcript directly to the client. You get paid for doing what you do best; teaching/training/instructing. Essentially you provide your time, talent, and skills – World Safety Organization does the rest!
When you teach independently, you do the leg work, the paperwork and purchase your own materials.
We encourage our Affiliate Instructors to take advantage of both teaching options!


  1. During your training you will:
    Review and identify areas where you need additional help.
  2. Learn to tailor contents to your audience.
  3. Prepare appropriate personal examples and exercises.
  4. Learn to listen and respond to your audience in a way that encourages maximum impact and class engagement.
  5. Practice skills to master tone, field questions, facilitate exercises, hone cuing mechanisms, and establish a safe environment for participants.
  6. Develop a personal action plan with your Master Certified Instructor.
  7. Return to your organization with a plan to market, roll out, and evaluate the WSO Certified Instructor Academy training program you’ve chosen.

The steps to enrolling in the WSO-TOT are as easy as A-B-C!

A. Complete and sign the TOT (Training of Trainers) form. Submit via email, our office or mail with copies of ALL CURRENT CERTIFICATIONS, Resume and a current Photo ID.

Upon acceptance into the Academy, an email with your new instructor number will be attached *Please keep with records and reference for all dealings

B. Choose your preferred mode of payment*

C. Your course manuals/materials would be shipped to you as preferred.
At this point you are ready to begin the unique journey into our prestigious International TOT (Training of Trainers) Academy.
*contact our office for more inquiries on mode of payments

NOW! If you sign up right away, you can take advantage of the excellent opportunity we offer and start earning extra income right away!

Submit application and all documentation to:

World Safety Organization: Instructor Training Department ~ Attn: Instructor Review
(National Office For Nigeria)
1, Oba Market Road,
GBO Building, P.O.BOX 8770,
Benin City, Edo State.

Email: instructor@worldsafety.org.ng
Phone: (+234) 052-291435, 08098060700, 08121683760

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