Membership in the World Safety Organization is open to all individuals and entities involved in the safety and accidentprevention field, regardless of race, color, creed, ideology, religion, social status, gender or political beliefs.


  1. Obtain a membership application form at our National Office and pay the designated fee. Categories includes:
    • Training Associate Membership
    • Associate Membership
    • Affiliate Membership
  2. Fill the form carefully and attach the relevant credentials (updated Resume etc).
  3. Return completed forms to the office at 1, Oba Market Road, GBO Building, P.O. Box 8770, Benin City, Edo State.
    Tel: 08098060700
  4. Please send soft copies of the form and credentials to our email address:


  1. Obtain a corporate membership form at our National Office and pay the relevant fee.
    1. Institutional Member
    2. Corporate Member
  2. Send a mail to: and we will get back to you through your email address.