How do I join the conference rooms?
You can join an active room by following choosing the appropriate “Enter Room” button in the “Conference Lobby” or directly on the Conference “Schedule”. Kindly note that you will be required to sign in to access the rooms.

How do I sign in?
On attempting to join a room, you will be required to enter an email and a password. Use the email address you registered with in the email column and your order-ID as password.

I registered and paid for the event, but do not have an order-ID?
All registered participants have an order-ID except the SafERR Ambassadors. For SafERR Ambassadors, kindly use the password that have been sent to you. If you face any difficulty, please use the chat function in the lobby to speak to an Agent.

I have joined a room, but do not have microphone option to speak?
By default, all participants can join a room on audio only mode. This means that all microphones are disabled except that of the Presenter. This is to minimize distractions. Use the public chat feature to communicate or ask questions if you need to.

I can’t find the public chat.
The chat feature is located on the left of your screen and is directly visible on PC and Tablets. For mobile phone users. Tap the human icon on the top left of your screen to toggle the menu and choose public chat on messages category. This will allow you to see chat messages as well as use the chat feature.

How do I leave the meeting when it is over?
You will be automatically exited and redirected to the conference lobby as soon as the moderator leaves the meeting at the end. If you wish to leave before the meeting ends, please use the logout menu on the top right corner of your screen.

How do I get certificates for the sessions I attended?
To receive a certificate for any session, you must fully participate in the entire session. A login to the room does not guarantee that you will receive a certificate for that session except you participate in the entire 30 minute duration.

How do I get conference participation certificate?
Participation certificates are only awarded to participants who completely attended all three Plenary sessions and at least one other session from each day. This means, you will have to attend a minimum of 6 sessions in total to get a participation certificate. You will receive e-copies of all your certificates sent via your email on file. Printed certificates will be sent to your selected location within 10 days after the event.

I have other questions, who do I ask?
Please use the live chat option on the lobby. Our agents are online to attend to you promptly.