NatConf & Awards FAQ

  1. How to register for the Conference?
    Visit or call us at 08098060700, 08121683760. Applications are processed immediately they are received.
  2. What is included in the participation fee?
    The registration fee includes participation of one person, printed and non-printed conference materials, souvenirs, coffee breaks, lunch, award dinner/cocktail and access to conference presentations and photos uploaded on our server in 3 business days after the Conference (links and access password will be sent via email to participants after the conference).
  3. How can I get a discount?
    Conference discounts are available for early registration – participation cost is specified in the “Registration” section on the website of the Conference. Additional discount is available for members of the following safety professional groups upon confirmation; ISPON, ASSP, NISCN, NRCS, SAEF, IIRSM, IASP, IOSH, HASPA, OSHAfrica, and ECRMI upon presentation of membership proof.
  4. What information do you need to enter during registration?
    Please visit
    How can I pay?
    You can pay registration fee for your conference category via a bank transfer. The account number is displayed on the payment page after registration. If you have already submitted registration, visit Fill in your billing details, note your order number and use this as the transaction reference when you pay the fees via bank or online transfer.
  5. I sent a registration request via your site and made payments, but have not received confirmation. What should I do
    Unfortunately, it happens sometimes. Please send us your application in a free form at or call us at 08098060700, 08121683760. We will be happy to confirm your participation.
  6. Where will the Conference be held? How to get to the venue?
    You can find all details about the venue on the website The information will be contained in the confirmation documents, which you will receive via email from the NatConf & Awards Committee.
  7. I will arrive by my car. What about parking?
    Limited parking lots are available onsite. You can however, also park your car nearby. We will try to provide security for the vehicles onsite ONLY but do not bear responsibilities for cars parked and cannot accept liability in the case of eventualities.
  8. What do I need to take to the Conference?
    For the effective work, we recommend you to bring enough business cards, and any ID document.
  9. Do you provide free Wi-Fi access onsite?
    No. We do not provide Wi-Fi services during the conference for participants.
  10. I will not be able to attend the Conference. Can another representative come instead of me?
    Yes, of course. Please send us a notice in free form not later than three days prior to the Conference.
  11. How do I become a speaker/sponsor?
    Visit the “call for abstracts “” for information on becoming a Speaker. Sponsors can send offers to email or call us at 08098060700, 08121683760.We will be glad to cooperate!
  12. Can I present more than one paper at the event?
    While there are no restrictions as to the number of papers you can present at the NatConf & Awards, our system automatically detects multiple entries by same author and flags it for deletion. You should contact if you wish to speak on more than one topic. Be guided however, that you will be required to register as a speaker for one of the papers and consequently pay a 20% less of speaker fees for each additional topic.
  13. How to get the Conference materials?
    When you register at the Conference onsite you will receive printed Conference materials. All presentations and conference photos are uploaded to the WSO Nigeria cloud server and are available for download in 3 business days after the Conference. Link, login and password will be emailed to all participants. If you face any difficulties with access, please contact
  14. When and where can I take the closing documents for my accounting?
    All documents could be received at the registration desk on the first day of the Conference.

Dear Speaker!

If you are an expert and want to share your experience with us at the NatConf & Awards, please send your abstract to:

  1. Title of Paper
  2. Your full name
  3. Your full job title
  4. Company name, department
  5. Abstract (not more than 250 words)
  6. Photo
  7. Contact details (address, phone number and e-mail)
  8. Short bio (not more than 50 words).

The Abstract Committee will blind peer-review your document and contact you to discuss the speaking opportunity. Please note that deadlines exists.

General requirements for papers / presentations:

  • The report should follow the event topic;
  • Performance duration can not be more than 30 minutes;
  • Number of slides in the presentation should not exceed 15;
  • Presentation files should be sent to the us 7 days prior the event for setting at the Event Computer;
  • All presentations must be submitted in the PPT format alongside a 3-5 page full paper;
  • If you have a last-minute changes in the presentation, you can update it directly before the Session, during a networking break by addressing to the responsible department;

If audio or video files are going to be used in your presentation, please inform us about technical requirements at least 2 weeks prior the Event.

For more information please contact us on 08098060700, 08121683760

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