Mr. Olalokun Soji, WSO-CSI(ML)
Director & President

Dr. Okunola Olusola P., MBBS, FWACP
Deputy Director

Mr. Odiboh Kingsley O.
Vice President (National Operations)

Mrs. Agharese L. Onaghise, WSO-SCCS/CSM/CSI(ML)
Technical Head

Mr. Kennedy Osagie
Media Head

Mr. Ronald Ekanem
Representative, South-South Operations


Mr. Nwaelele Ugochukwu
Lagos State Representative

Mr. Ajao Alfred
Kwara State Representative

Mr. George Desmond C
Rivers State Representative

Mr. Emmanuel Abayowa
Abuja Representative

The National Office for Nigeria is comprised of highly dedicated officers cut across the locations where WSO operates within the country.

There are currently 6 Chapter Officers and 8 members of the National team comprising zonal directors, designated representatives and departmental heads who collectively work on a daily basis to ensure that we keep making safety a way of life.